Summer Outreach Toolkit

These materials were developed in Summer 2021, and updated in 2022, by Carolina Hunger Initiative in partnership with meal sponsors in rural counties. The goal was to create and test templates for easy-to-use materials that can be customized for any sponsor to aid their marketing in future summers.

To edit the flyers designs, you can either create a free account with Canva, a free and easy-to-use online design editor, or download an editable PDF file. We’ve used red text to highlight the portions that you will need to update, but feel free to modify as you see fit.

Check your summer meals profile if you need help filling in some of the statistics, especially the financial impact on your county’s economy.

Other resources below are standardized for statewide use in North Carolina, but have options for designs with space to add your own sponsor logo.

Need help customizing materials? Have feedback? Let us know at!

Parent Flyer

Spread the word with this flyer designed for providing information to parents, families, and guardians about local opportunities to find free meals for kids.

Access the Canva template here.

Download the PDF template here.

Stakeholder Flyer

Mayors, school board members, county commissioners… There are many local stakeholders who might not yet know about your Summer Nutrition Program, but would be excited to spread the word and provide support once they learn about it. Use this resource to bring them in the loop!

Access the Canva template here.

Download the PDF template here.

Robo Call Script

Schools are consistently ranked by parents as one of their most trusted sources of information. Ask your superintendents or principals to put out a call letting families know meals are available, and how to find them.

Download the template Robo Call Script.

Email Message for Community Leaders

Need some language to go introduce Stakeholder Flyer (above) that you want to share with your local community leaders? Check out the email template below, and be sure to update the hyperlinks and attach your flyer.

Download the template Email Message for Community Leaders.

Summer “Spike” Event Invitation

Summer “Spike” Events are a great way to boost participation and raise excitement about your program when things begin to slow down later in the summer.

Don’t forget to invite Ray to make your event extra-special! The Carolina Hunger Initiative team is also ready to help plan your event.

Access the Canva template here.

Download the PDF template here.

Presentation Slides

Do you have to make a presentation to your school board, fellow administrators, or other leadership group? Carolina Hunger Initiative is available to help you figure out the best way to represent your program’s recent successes and future goals. Contact us to get started.

Vehicle Magnet

If your fleet of vehicles has expanded during the pandemic emergency, or if you borrow vehicles from partners during the summer to help transport food, these vehicle magnets are a great way to add a spot of color and some info about the Summer Nutrition Programs.

Ordering suggestion: for about $35/item for a 2’x2′ magnet.

Download the design.

Download the design with room to add your own logo.

Yard Sign

These fun, simple designs with mascot Ray are an option for yard signs to help bring attention to your meal sites.

Download the design.

Download the design with room to add your own logo.

Sample Social Media Posts

These template posts for Facebook, Twitter, and more make it easy to remind your followers that you’re providing free meals for kids and teens this summer.

Download the social media posts here.

Press Release Template

A press release is the basic building block of your outreach toolkit. This template makes it easy to prepare a release for local media about your plans for meal service and how community members can find meals for kids.

Download the template here.

End-of-Summer Recap Flyer

At the end of the summer, make sure to reach out to the same stakeholders you identified at the beginning of the summer to share your successes and ask them to help celebrate your staff’s hard work.

Access the Canva template here.

Download the PDF template here.