Summer Meals County Profiles

Using data from meal claims submitted to the NC Department of Public Instruction, the Carolina Hunger Initiative creates county profile sheets providing an overview of Summer Nutrition Programs and information on how many children received meals through these programs in North Carolina.

The profiles provide a snapshot of the economic benefits and nutrition access challenges and are a great way to introduce yourself or others to these important taxpayer-funded programs in your area. Use the profiles with a school administrator, elected official, or community member to start a conversation about what is going well and what needs to be done to provide sustainable nutrition access for children in your district or county. The profiles can help reveal gaps in efforts to fight hunger and provide context for how efforts compare to the rest of the state.

Select a county from the drop-down list below to find a PDF profile of a specific NC county‚Äôs Summer Nutrition Program. The information includes data from the 2022 summer months and funding brought into the county by serving the reimbursable meals.

More information and resources:

Find county profiles for recent summers at the Carolina Hunger Initiative site.